Peeling Back The Layers - An Introduction

Here is a brief trailer for Onion Media's monthly podcast 'Peeling Back The Layers'. In this short trailer hear a brief history of Onion as well as Nick and Joe introducing the podcast service to the world!

Tune in to Onion Media’s monthly podcast hosted by Nick Piper and Joe Thomas. Each month, the boys bring you tips and advice, updates and information on corporate production, presentation and performance - all with a hint of humor and entertainment.

What Is A Podcast? A podcast is a type of MP3 audio or video file. You subscribe to a podcast, and those files are automatically downloaded on to your Mac/PC when you subscribe to it - your computer will download the podcast. You can listen on an ipod or computer.

Onion’s Podcast Highlights include:

Latest Onion Projects Nick’s Presenting Tips Joe’s Production Corner Client Spotlight


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